What is DeuxLab?

Hello everyone! Welcome to Deuxlab.com, a multimedia website designed for the exclusive purpose of our viewer’s entertainment. We enjoy creating content as a hobby, and we created this page to share our creations all in one place. They range from animations to web comics; videos to digital drawings; applications to games, and even web site design (obviously, right?), you name it. Our content is mainly circled around comedy, but we also express serious content. We have created an animation series called Pentoons, and like all of our projects, we write, design, edit, and voice act our own work. Currently, we have concentrated on flash animation but our ideas are expanding and we have a lot of content planned for you all. Expect more to come and hope you enjoy what Deuxlab has to offer!

Contact Us?

For Questions or Feedback you can contact us by sending us an e-mail using our contact form by clicking here

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