YuGiOh Vs Shobu Preload Ending

| March - 2015

This was the preloader made for the animation YuGiOh Vs Shobu. It was initially a Flash Animation, but, technical issues made us make it into a regular video.


Pentoons BOOM Control

| April 10 - 2015

Taken from the Exploding scene from Pentoons Birthday Blowout. Take Control of the time line of this scene and unlock secrets to experiment different explosive scenarios.


ModBot Redux

| Dec 1 - 2012

This animation is based on the players that use Hacks on Online FPS Games. Nothing fancy but a good subject for our first animation.

Super Action Mario

| April 12 - 2013

Mario and Luigi do all they can to finish their neverending adventure... this time.... full on ADRENALINE ACTION!!

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